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THROWBACK THURSDAY: Fantasy Fights – Braden Charron vs. Ty Alexander

 Braden Charron (5’9″, 215 lbs.) versus Ty Alexander (5’11”, 145 lbs.) Total Run-time: 29 minutes This Fantasy Fight begins with Braden Charron laying on his back in the wrestling ring. He’s contemplating something,… Continue reading

June Shoot

June 19th – Chicago, Illinois No wacky ideas circling around my head for this shoot, so I am open to ideas. Maybe some superhero/cosplay type stuff? Maybe more Dog Collar matches? Give me… Continue reading

UPDATE: May Custom Shoots

Two shoots this month: The first one takes place May 16-17 in Florida featuring Lane Hartley, Austin Cooper, Kelly King, Nick Justice, Brute Baynard, Mr. E and a couple others, including new guys… Continue reading

2015 Schedule

Final ride on the schedule. *Boston & NYC areas are frequent travel locales If you contact me, please indicate where you are located to help me respond faster. Now, let’s get rolling! 2015… Continue reading

Jonny Firestorm Available

I have been speaking a lot with Jonny Firestorm lately. Some big news coming up. Some things that were discussed were liking together our Super Powers to create the ultimate fan experience. We… Continue reading

Maverick versus Ethan Axel Andrews

A little something to help you get through Tax Day in America. Gutbash: Ethan Axel Andrews vs. Maverick Total Run-time: 20 minutes Ethan shows up looking tougher and more sexy than possibly ever.… Continue reading

Dick Rick’s Gauntlet

Dick Rick’s Gauntlet Total Run-time: 35 minutes It’s Dick Rick’s personal waiting room. Three victims await their fate at the hands of the muscle stud. Dick Rick is much larger than all three… Continue reading

Pro vs. Joe (Update)

I received a snapchat from Ty Alexander on a beautiful beach in sunny Florida today and it reminded me of two things: 1) I need to move back to Florida…pronto! 2) I must… Continue reading

Bully Revenge

Austin Cooper & Brad Barnes vs. Ethan Axel Andrews Total Run-time: 30 minutes This started off a s a custom request, but I knew I’d have to show you as soon as it was filmed.… Continue reading

Winner Takes All – Cameron in England (Video Inside)

Cameron vs. Martin Sherlock – Winner Takes All Total Run-Time: 28 minutes Before a trip that I took to England a couple years ago, I had posted an ad on a modeling website,… Continue reading

First Video Release of 2015

I hope everyone is having a safe and wonderful beginning to 2015. To kick off the brand new year, I would like to be the first video company to release a product in… Continue reading

Blog Entry

Hope everyone has been well. I have a few calm moments so I thought it’d be the perfect time to fill everyone in on recent life. As you’ve noticed over the last few… Continue reading