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Lane Hartley Destroys…

Fresh off a conference call regarding the new site…full speed ahead…pushing harder than ever now. In the final stretches. Anyway, you don’t care that much. While I was on the phone, I was… Continue reading

Finally…an update

E-mails, phone calls and texts are piling up wondering what is going on with the Cameron Empire. Has it crumbled? Is it dead in the water? Absolutely not. I have been busy between… Continue reading

Best Friend’s Battle

Kelly King vs. Nick Justice Total Run-time: 20 minutes What happens when you let two friends kick-off the first match during a shoot? Lots of action and shenanigans. The trash talk and wise cracks… Continue reading

June Shoot

June 19th – Chicago, Illinois No wacky ideas circling around my head for this shoot, so I am open to ideas. Maybe some superhero/cosplay type stuff? Maybe more Dog Collar matches? Give me… Continue reading

Gut Bash: Lon DuMont vs. Maverick (Update)

UPDATE: First, let me thank you for accepting my last entry for this video download and trusting that when I say something is worth the download that is truly is, even without photographic… Continue reading

UPDATE: May Custom Shoots

Two shoots this month: The first one takes place May 16-17 in Florida featuring Lane Hartley, Austin Cooper, Kelly King, Nick Justice, Brute Baynard, Mr. E and a couple others, including new guys… Continue reading

Military Men

Brad Barnes vs. KARN Total Run-time: 16 minutes What is KARN wearing? Those look like painted on jean short-shorts…and he’s holding a gun? What type of uniform is he wearing? It isn’t long… Continue reading

Muscle Stud Suffers in 2-on-1

Randy Winters & Alvin James versus Marc Merino Total Run-time: 24 minutes The pro wrestling tag team of Randy Winters & Alvin James have been dominating lately. Whether it be the independent wrestling… Continue reading

Jonny Firestorm Available

I have been speaking a lot with Jonny Firestorm lately. Some big news coming up. Some things that were discussed were liking together our Super Powers to create the ultimate fan experience. We… Continue reading

Maverick versus Ethan Axel Andrews

A little something to help you get through Tax Day in America. Gutbash: Ethan Axel Andrews vs. Maverick Total Run-time: 20 minutes Ethan shows up looking tougher and more sexy than possibly ever.… Continue reading

Dog Collar Match: Sgt. Stiff vs. Zach Reno

Sgt. Stiff vs. Zach Reno – Dog Collar Match Total Run-time: 21 minutes I get tons of e-mails and text messages from all sorts of folks about appearing in videos. Some friends, some… Continue reading

Jayden Mayne takes on The Mountain

Jayden Mayne vs. The Mountain Total Run-time: 22 minutes We can relate to having a rough day at work. Whether it be the the subordinates or the boss, everyone puts up with a… Continue reading