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Alex Oliver vs. Karn

I filmed this match this past Sunday. Alex Oliver, Karn and myself went out the night before the shoot in the big city. We all had a blast, but Alex and Karn really… Continue reading

Kelly King vs. Austin Cooper

For a bit, I’ve been teasing you with the Kelly King vs. Austin Cooper trailer. Well, I finally had enough down time to release the video. This was a custom request so I… Continue reading

Cameron vs. Callum MacKenzie – Mat Rats – Oil Wrestling

Cameron (5’10”, 170 lbs.) versus Callum MacKenzie (5’11”, 175 lbs.)¬† Total Run-time: 26 Minutes This match was filmed with English pro wrestler, Callum MacKenzie while I was in the United Kingdom. In a… Continue reading

Three New Wrestlers, One Match

Found three new talents thanks to some fans and a few friends. Travis Flash (5’11”, 180 pounds) came as a suggestion from his road companion, Caleb Brand. I received a text message with… Continue reading

New Wrestler: Joey Angel (Teaser Vid)

Mark Muscle text me one day before a shoot and told me he has someone who he thinks would fit in perfect for what I do. I usually ask for a name and… Continue reading

Rough and Raw

Bucky Lawless vs. Austin Cooper Total Run-time: 20 minutes Shot this match down in Florida over the summer. Austin Cooper, in my opinion, is one of the most talented models/wrestlers on the underground… Continue reading

Two BRAND NEW Wrestlers

Mark Muscle vs. Garrett Thomas Total Run-time: 18+ minutes During the scheduling of a shoot, I noticed that I didn’t have enough spice. I had solid talent as far as wrestling skill. Great… Continue reading

Sgt. Stiff squashes Alex Oliver

Total Run-time: 23 minutes Alex Oliver first showed up as part of a taping in Northern New England. His gym buddy, Braden Charron, had mentioned him to me, sent a photo and the… Continue reading

Lane Hartley Destroys…

Fresh off a conference call regarding the new site…full speed ahead…pushing harder than ever now. In the final stretches. Anyway, you don’t care that much. While I was on the phone, I was… Continue reading

Finally…an update

E-mails, phone calls and texts are piling up wondering what is going on with the Cameron Empire. Has it crumbled? Is it dead in the water? Absolutely not. I have been busy between… Continue reading

Best Friend’s Battle

Kelly King vs. Nick Justice Total Run-time: 20 minutes What happens when you let two friends kick-off the first match during a shoot? Lots of action¬†and shenanigans. The trash talk and wise cracks… Continue reading

June Shoot

June 19th – Chicago, Illinois No wacky ideas circling around my head for this shoot, so I am open to ideas. Maybe some superhero/cosplay type stuff? Maybe more Dog Collar matches? Give me… Continue reading