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Maverick versus Ethan Axel Andrews

A little something to help you get through Tax Day in America. Gutbash: Ethan Axel Andrews vs. Maverick Total Run-time: 20 minutes Ethan shows up looking tougher and more sexy than possibly ever.… Continue reading

Dog Collar Match: Sgt. Stiff vs. Zach Reno

Sgt. Stiff vs. Zach Reno – Dog Collar Match Total Run-time: 21 minutes I get tons of e-mails and text messages from all sorts of folks about appearing in videos. Some friends, some… Continue reading

April Custom Shoot: Official Line-up *Update*

Final word is coming in on the talent I have coming in for an upcoming shoot on April 25th outside Boston. Looking to shoot these at the home arena, but with a little… Continue reading

Jayden Mayne takes on The Mountain

Jayden Mayne vs. The Mountain Total Run-time: 22 minutes We can relate to having a rough day at work. Whether it be the the subordinates or the boss, everyone puts up with a… Continue reading

Dick Rick’s Gauntlet

Dick Rick’s Gauntlet Total Run-time: 35 minutes It’s Dick Rick’s personal waiting room. Three victims await their fate at the hands of the muscle stud. Dick Rick is much larger than all three… Continue reading

Bully Revenge

Austin Cooper & Brad Barnes vs. Ethan Axel Andrews Total Run-time: 30 minutes This started off a s a custom request, but I knew I’d have to show you as soon as it was filmed.… Continue reading

Pro Wrestlers: Up-Close

Zach Reno vs. Maverick  Total Run-time: 21 minutes I’d like to allow you to decide why these two men are going at it. The match opens with action right from the start. No… Continue reading

Fantasy Fights – Braden Charron vs. Ty Alexander

 Braden Charron (5’9″, 215 lbs.) versus Ty Alexander (5’11”, 145 lbs.) Total Run-time: 29 minutes This Fantasy Fight begins with Braden Charron laying on his back in the wrestling ring. He’s contemplating something,… Continue reading

Chase Sinn vs. Barry Burke – Let’s Just Wrestle

Chase Sinn (5’7″ 165 lbs.) vs. Barry Burke (6’1″, 265 lbs.) Total Run-time: 20 minutes Two of the most knowledgeable technical wrestlers in the world meet in a small warehouse. Chase understands the… Continue reading

Dr. Lon DuMont vs. Austin Cooper

Lon DuMont (5’7, 145 lbs) vs. Austin Cooper (5’10, 185 lbs) Total run-time: 20 minutes We open on (Doctor) Lon DuMont wear a long white doctor’s robe while standing over his collection of… Continue reading

Lane Hartley vs. Markus Vachon – GUTBASH

Lane Hartley vs. Markus Vachon Total run-time: 20 minutes “Ready to do this?” asks Lane. “Are YOU ready to do this?” responds Markus with his eyes locked on Lane’s. It doesn’t take long for… Continue reading


Flash LaCash vs. Chace LaChance Total Run-time: 20 minutes I knew when Braden Charron told me he could get me Chace LaChance for my blog, I had to give him an aggressive and… Continue reading