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2015 Schedule

Final ride on the schedule. *Boston & NYC areas are frequent travel locales If you contact me, please indicate where you are located to help me respond faster. Now, let’s get rolling! 2015… Continue reading

Maverick versus Ethan Axel Andrews

A little something to help you get through Tax Day in America. Gutbash: Ethan Axel Andrews vs. Maverick Total Run-time: 20 minutes Ethan shows up looking tougher and more sexy than possibly ever.… Continue reading

Dr. Lon DuMont vs. Austin Cooper

Lon DuMont (5’7, 145 lbs) vs. Austin Cooper (5’10, 185 lbs) Total run-time: 20 minutes We open on (Doctor) Lon DuMont wear a long white doctor’s robe while standing over his collection of… Continue reading

My nuts, bro!

K.A.R.N. and Randy in “My nuts, bro!” This match was filmed this past weekend. So the action is hot and fresh out of the oven. K.A.R.N. (6’2″, 210 lbs) is pure lean muscle… Continue reading

Alpha Males (2-on-1)

The scene opens with Austin Cooper & Z-Man preparing to spar on an amateur wrestling mat. Two friends practicing their favorite sport. A great back-and-forth warm-up session is broken up as it starts… Continue reading

Captured and Tortured

I want to thank everyone for continuing this journey with me in regards to developing this web site and blog. The last few weeks have been highly productive. Recently, I have hired a… Continue reading

Vampire Tales – Maverick versus Braden

Vampire Tales: Maverick vs. Braden Charron Total Run-time: 30 minutes He’s been locked up for a centuries of lonely nights…and tonight he is being hunted. The vampire hunter: Braden Charron.  To say Maverick… Continue reading


I have been getting tons and tons of requests for 2-on-1 matches and Lane Hartley being squashed. I posted on FACEBOOK that once the page received 750 likes that I would be release the… Continue reading

Lane & Braden – Bodybuilder Punishment

Lane Hartley versus Braden – Bodybuilder Punishment Run-time: 21 minutes Lane awaits his company for the evening  while sipping on a martini. He’s almost through the entire bottle and numerous games of solitaire. When… Continue reading

Lon Dumont added to November customs shoot

In addition to the already loaded line-up for our mid-November shoot, I have added my first mentor: Lon Dumont.   Lon doesn’t plan to show up alone, either. He is already talking about… Continue reading

Taking over EVERYWHERE!

Check out two of my newest releases with Can-Am Productions I don’t think it is any secret that I’m as good as I say. Bobby Blake & Rico Dinero got the message loud… Continue reading

Just an update

Hey everyone, I’m in the middle of a 3 week “tour”, which in reality will probably end up being a couple months long with a little bit of rest. I did a small… Continue reading