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Thank you (50% Off Inside)

Wow! It looks like 2015 is going to be a huge year for me. Let me thank you for all the success of the web site and blog. You are making it successful… Continue reading

Barry Burke vs. Brad Barnes

Barry Burke vs. Brad Barnes Total Run-time: 20 minutes “Look at those. King Quads. Quad-zilla.” proclaims Barry Burke as he taunts his opponent with his bulging biceps. Across the ring flexes Brad Barnes,… Continue reading

Z-Man Strips…

Z-Man vs. Ethan Andrews & Dr. X Total Run-time: 21 minutes Z-Man received a phone call for a private stripping gig just outside Orlando. He shows up in full Firefighter gear to a… Continue reading

Audition Night

I ran into The Mountain one night at a local wrestling practice that I was attending. He kept coming up to me to discuss him debuting for my site. He said, and I… Continue reading

My nuts, bro!

K.A.R.N. and Randy in “My nuts, bro!” This match was filmed this past weekend. So the action is hot and fresh out of the oven. K.A.R.N. (6’2″, 210 lbs) is pure lean muscle… Continue reading

Fastest gun in town

I completed my “Super Secret (video) Shoot” this evening around 6 pm. It is now 11:30 pm as I type this entry. I declare myself, and this web site, the fastest gun in… Continue reading

Cameron in England (Video Inside)

Remember all that footage that I shot years ago when I was in England? Well, I have most of it back in my possession. I just got off the road for the last… Continue reading

Double-Teamed: Cal Bennett

Double-Teamed: Cal Bennett vs. Ty Alexander & Flash LaCash Total Run-time: 19 minutes Cal Bennett is doing his stretches when two men appear behind him. They don’t attack right away. Why are they… Continue reading

February Custom Shoot: Official Line-up

Things are finalizing for a shoot just outside Boston. The shoot happens on February 20th & 21st. Below is the list of talent expected to be at the shoot. ROSTER Zach Reno Ethan… Continue reading

Jobbers need love, too

Ethan Andrews vs. Lane Hartley Total Run-time: 20 minutes Ethan Andrews thinks that Jobbers aren’t getting the respect they deserve in the underground wrestling world…and I agree with him. Too often the Jobber… Continue reading

Dick Rick Fan(tasy) Challenge

Wow! This is definitely an older video. One of the first batches of videos I tried to produce. Part of a two-camera shoot out in Southern California. Definitely “From The Vault” Dick Rick… Continue reading

Grudge Match – Chase Sinn vs. Kelly King

I just returned from a week-long road trip, which included 2-days full of wrestling, a relaxing day with some of the crew at a local theme park and surprise hook up to a… Continue reading