Fight Lads Blog

Hey, just got an update from my friend in England: things are looking great for my upcoming week there. I fly out December 12th from Boston and the action begins at touchdown the following morning in London. I plan on defending my title of CHAMP against everyone in England. Maybe even the Queen herself.

Anyone know where I may go to see Peter Pan during my stay? Would be very much appreciated.

I’ll also technically be a year older than my first trip to the United Kingdom. I’m debating on my birthday plans, but one thing is for sure: I will have some new tricks up my sleeve.

If you are looking for some new reading material, check out Fight Lads Blog. Run by a British Pro Wrestling Legend, but I’m not sure if I’m suppose to tell you that.

Hope everyone is well, especially in the states affected by Hurricane Sandy.

PS: Any real challengers out there? *Yawn*