Chain Wars

Watch two muscle hunks punish each other as they are tied together with 15 feet of cold-hard steel chain. I’ve gotten lots of e-mails and comments asking about this match and I finally have… Continue reading

Chet Chastain vs. Ethan Andrews

Chet Chastain vs. Ethan Andrews Total Run-time: 21 minutes Chet relaxes on my couch while sharing a secret talent. Not only is he a talented wrestler, but he can sing and play guitar, too!… Continue reading

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Fantasy Fights – Braden Charron vs. Ty Alexander

 Braden Charron (5’9″, 215 lbs.) versus Ty Alexander (5’11”, 145 lbs.) Total Run-time: 29 minutes This Fantasy Fight begins with Braden Charron laying on his back in the wrestling ring. He’s contemplating something,… Continue reading

Sgt. Stiff punishes Brad Barnes

Sgt. Stiff versus Brad Barnes Total Run-time: 20 minutes Brad Barnes is the typical egotistical college jock. He likes sports, weight lifting, video games and being eye candy. Now, imagine how he felt… Continue reading

Sexy Cage Fight

Maverick vs. Cal Bennett Total Run-time: 31 minutes What happens when you put an arrogant college frat boy in a cage against a skilled, confident pro wrestler? Cal Bennett is a college basketball… Continue reading

Debut: Caleb Klein

Maverick vs. Caleb Klein Total Run-time: 21 minutes It’s dirty tricks and asses kicked in this match between two world-class pro wrestlers. Caleb Klein (5’11”, 185 lbs.) is relentless in his attack on… Continue reading

The Hunk Flunks

Chace LaChance & Cal Bennett vs. Braden Charron Total Run-time: 20 minutes I sent Braden a text late one night to let him know I had planned a big surprise challenge for him…against… Continue reading

Barry Burke has his hands full…

I hope you had a great holiday with your family and friends. It was one of my best ones to-date. Lots of great memories were shared. Anyway, I’m tackling this site with my… Continue reading

Garrett Thomas vs. Mike Splitz

Mike Splitz came as a recommendation of Garrett Thomas. Garrett had told me of Mike’s incredible flexibility and pain threshold. So he gave me Mike’s number. Upon contacting Mike, I knew he was… Continue reading

Captain’s Log – 12/14/15

I have a brief moment, as I am halfway through my 3 final’s projects for college. Finally, a breath of air. Anyway, who cares what I’m doing…unless it involves men wrestling in their… Continue reading

Danny DeMented’s Next Victim

Danny DeMented vs. Zach Altovito Total Run-time: 19 minutes Man, Danny DeMented is a son of a bitch. Honestly. Just a straight up prick. And that’s what I like about him. Well, at… Continue reading

Joey Angel Debut

Garrett Thomas vs. Joey Angel Total Run-time: 19 minutes 30 seconds Joey Angel (5’8″, 185 lbs.) is trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and comes as a recommendation from powerhouse, Mark Muscle. The story… Continue reading