New Wrestler: Joey Angel (Teaser Vid)

Mark Muscle text me one day before a shoot and told me he has someone who he thinks would fit in perfect for what I do. I usually ask for a name and… Continue reading

A quick update

I don’t think I have ever been so busy as I am currently. I was recently living between two computer screens until my laptop gave out on me. Any tips on a laptop?… Continue reading

NYC, here I come…

October 2nd and 3rd, I will be in the NYC area. I have a couple matches lined up, but may have room for one or two more matches given the right circumstances. Anyone… Continue reading

Rough and Raw

Bucky Lawless vs. Austin Cooper Total Run-time: 20 minutes Shot this match down in Florida over the summer. Austin Cooper, in my opinion, is one of the most talented models/wrestlers on the underground… Continue reading

Two BRAND NEW Wrestlers

Mark Muscle vs. Garrett Thomas Total Run-time: 18+ minutes During the scheduling of a shoot, I noticed that I didn’t have enough spice. I had solid talent as far as wrestling skill. Great… Continue reading

Chet Chastain in a Steel Cage

Between the new site, this site, additional work, school and life, I have found myself with little downtime. I was hoping to upload 3 new videos tonight, however, the old server wouldn’t upload… Continue reading

Sgt. Stiff squashes Alex Oliver

Total Run-time: 23 minutes Alex Oliver first showed up as part of a taping in Northern New England. His gym buddy, Braden Charron, had mentioned him to me, sent a photo and the… Continue reading

Lane Hartley Destroys…

Fresh off a conference call regarding the new site…full speed ahead…pushing harder than ever now. In the final stretches. Anyway, you don’t care that much. While I was on the phone, I was… Continue reading

Update from The King

Let’s start at the most important question: Where the f*ck is the new website? This afternoon I will be on a conference call to put the final touches on the site. There is… Continue reading

Thank you

It has been a trying to road getting everything up and running for the new site. Not only did lots of financial resources go into the new design, but A LOT of time… Continue reading

Finally…an update

E-mails, phone calls and texts are piling up wondering what is going on with the Cameron Empire. Has it crumbled? Is it dead in the water? Absolutely not. I have been busy between… Continue reading

Best Friend’s Battle

Kelly King vs. Nick Justice Total Run-time: 20 minutes What happens when you let two friends kick-off the first match during a shoot? Lots of action and shenanigans. The trash talk and wise cracks… Continue reading