Cal Bennett Tickled

New England wrestling stud Cal Bennet is bound in red wrestling speedos, barefoot and helpless. He is lying on the mat at the feet of Max Quivers who is determined to show Cal… Continue reading

Joey Nux tied up and tickled

Muscle god Joey Nux is hung up like a delicious side of beef and a masked Max Quivers feasts on his strung up muscles.  Joey is so ticklish he flinches every time Max… Continue reading

Ricky Vegas ties up and tickles CJ

Poor CJ Reznik is at the mercy of Ricky Vegas and unfortunately for CJ, Ricky doesn’t know the meaning of the word.  CJ is completely helpless, tied on his knees to a bondage… Continue reading

Scrappy tickled

Scrappy is undoubtedly one of the hottest and toughest wrestlers around. His rock solid body, angelic face and wrestling ability make him a formidable presence.  HIs muscles and charm, however, are of no… Continue reading

Evil Ref tickles another victim

The evil ref is at it again. This time his victim is muscle god CJ Reznik.  CJ has messed up royally and needs to be punished. The evil ref has him bound on… Continue reading

CJ meets Dr. Tickle

It turns out ticklish Blake Starr is also a master tickler.  He destroys rival CJ Reznik in the boss’s office. CJ is tied to the chair in the exact same position Blake has… Continue reading

Blake Starr tickled by Businessman

Blake Starr is in trouble again.  As a wrestler, he is not the most skilled, but he is scrappy and eager to improve.  He has his fans and, more importantly, people who count… Continue reading

Blake Starr tickled by Heel Ref

Blake Starr has lost a match that he should have easily won.  A powerful wrestling fan and Ref  bet some big money on Bake’s match, and he was sorely disappointed to watch Blake… Continue reading

Jock Jayden Tickled

Jock Jayden Mayne is proud of his letterman’s jacket, and he had worked hard to earn it.  As the top wrestler at his college he was used to adoration and praise..  He was… Continue reading

Christian Thorn tickled

Blake Starr knows a lot about tickling as he is ticklish as hell and  has gotten it from a lot of top wrestlers.  This time, it’s Blake’s turn to dish it out, and… Continue reading

16 Match Special Offer! (No Audio) – New Price

Below are the videos you’ve heard of from a shoot I did in Boston that came out without any audio. That’s right, these videos have NO AUDIO, however, they are still hot to… Continue reading

This site “Cameron Wrestler” is my original website (well, second one really). Anyway, there’s neither here nor there. I am using it as a user-friendly way to offer footage that may have been… Continue reading