Flashback: Brendan Cage nude with Braden Charron

This match was filmed many moons ago in Florida. It was one of my first attempts at an “adult” type video. I’ve been friends with Braden for over a decade and he’s never… Continue reading

Gabe Steel forces Jaxton Wheeler to…

Humiliation. At the heart of every erotic wrestling rivalry, there’s a driving need to humiliate your opponent, drive him into the floor, and make him feel ashamed for every messing with you. Powerhouse… Continue reading

Joey vs. Ethan (R-Rated)

Check out Joey Nux’s stance, all biceps and massive back muscles. A man is only as impressive as his stance…but a man’s stance is so easily compromised when cocks and balls are fair… Continue reading

Secret Video Sale

Dax Dexter vs. Kieron Knight I filmed this video in my hotel room in Manchester, England after dinner one evening. Kieron & Dax are both European and well-hung. Kieron is cool, lounging in… Continue reading


This site “Cameron Wrestler” is my original website (well, second one really). Anyway, there’s neither here nor there. I am using it as a user-friendly way to offer footage that may have been… Continue reading

Wow! Did I go to the wrong website?

One of the classes I took this Fall was a course on marketing. A specific form of marketing, but probably irrelevant to this post. Loads of great knowledge was gained. Why is this important?… Continue reading