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Final ride on the schedule.

*Boston & NYC areas are frequent travel locales

If you contact me, please indicate where you are located to help me respond faster. Now, let’s get rolling!


August 27th – September 8th:
-St. Louis, Cincinnati & Detroit are all potential travel spots during my Chicago stay.



Mid-September: Montreal (Canada)
SUBJECT LINE: “Montreal”


End of September through Mid-October:
-Manchester *Customs (England-based models/wrestlers)*

-Amsterdam (Holland)
-Geneva (Switzerland)
-Paris & Lyon (France)
-Cologne, Berlin & Munich (Germany)
-Venice, Pisa, Rome & Milan (Italy)

Available for Pro vs. Joe Sessions



December 29th – January 10th: Australia, New Zealand


Places that I’d like to plan trips to:
-Memphis & Nashville
-New Orleans (Fall/Winter 2014)
-Atlanta & Charlotte (Fall/Winter 2014)
-Miami, Orlando & Tampa (Fall/Winter 2014)

Just when you thought the show couldn’t get any hotter, another great match has been signed. “King” Cameron will be taking on Ethan Andrews in an oil match. It just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?!

I hear tell that Texas is mighty fine this time of year. Thinking about making a whirlwind tour through the great state in a couple of weeks. What y’all think? Dallas? San Antonio? Houston? Austin? All four? Send me a message and let me know.

(Might even throw in a sideline trip to San Francisco.)

I have decided that it has been too long since I have been to Chicago. And I haven’t been to St. Louis & Detroit since I was a little guy. So, in January, I am planning to travel from NYC to Chicago in an airplane; enjoy a few sights and a few fights (Pro vs. Joe).

From Chicago, I will get into a car to travel to the Detroit area. I intend to stay only in that region for 48 hours for fear of freezing to death. I proceed on to Cincinnati for another quick 48 hour stay of fun and action.

I pass along near the Kentucky border, possibly stopping in Louisville. Almost guaranteed I’ll want to stop in Louisville; that will be brief. I will finally arrive in St. Louis. I’m not sure how long I should stay in St Louis. Any recommendations? I’d think at least 48 hours, if not longer. Plenty of things to see in St. Louis, right?

After I explore St. Louis, I trek back north toward Chicago. No pit stops planned but I’m open to suggestions and possibly even some wrestling.

This could all go the other direction as well: Chicago to St. Louis; St. Louis to Louisville; Louisville to Cincinnati; Cincinnati to Detroit; Detroit to Chicago.

Potential dates would be January 13th to January 16th in Chicago. Travel by car from January 17th until January 25th-ish around the loop.

Any takers?