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Captured and Tortured

I want to thank everyone for continuing this journey with me in regards to developing this web site and blog. The last few weeks have been highly productive. Recently, I have hired a… Continue reading

Vampire Tales – Maverick versus Braden

Vampire Tales: Maverick vs. Braden Charron Total Run-time: 30 minutes He’s been locked up for a centuries of lonely nights…and tonight he is being hunted. The vampire hunter: Braden Charron.  To say Maverick… Continue reading

January Custom Shoot: Z-Man Added!

I have started to feel better over the last day, so I decided to get busy. While I’ve been on the road, I have been working on setting up a shoot for Orlando,… Continue reading

It’s my birthday, so I can… (Video Release Inside)

…do what I want to. Do what I want to. It is officially my 29th birthday. I was planning to release Austin Cooper vs. Barry Burke. However, after viewing the Santa (KARN) vs.… Continue reading

First-Time Oil Wrestlers

As part of my birthday celebration I am releasing this video of both Charlie Panther’s & Lon DuMont’s first-time ever oil wrestling. Lon and Charlie are good friends who go back over a… Continue reading

Forced to Flex

FORCED TO FLEX Ethan Andrews vs. Barry Burke Total Run-time: 19 minutes The animosity is there from the start between the 260+ pound muscle-God, Barry Burke, and the underground legend, Ethan Axel Andrews.… Continue reading


I have been getting tons and tons of requests for 2-on-1 matches and Lane Hartley being squashed. I posted on FACEBOOK that once the page received 750 likes that I would be release the… Continue reading

Hot Video Inside!

This past weekend my crew and I shot over 30 matches for private collectors and this website. It was a long weekend, but it was a fun weekend. It’s always good when you… Continue reading

Two Hot Releases!

I finally received the equipment to upload some old digital video cassettes footage. Z-Man versus Dr. X  Total Run-time: 30 minutes As I searched through hours and hour and hours of wrestling matches,… Continue reading

Cameron and his hot friend

Digging through some older footage and found something you may enjoy. My friend (Nick Justice) and I were sitting around prior to a live pro event discussing what we had in store for… Continue reading

Blog Entry

Hope everyone has been well. I have a few calm moments so I thought it’d be the perfect time to fill everyone in on recent life. As you’ve noticed over the last few… Continue reading

The Grudge Match

October simply dominated September’s record. It wasn’t even close. Looking forward to the feedback. Also, looking for someone to do way better write-ups for me. Hoping some comments will help describe the fun… Continue reading