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Live Action Event
Saturday, December 7th, 2013

Wakefield, Massachusetts, USA

ABOUT: Wrestling matches in a pro ring between models from various underground wrestling companies including BG East, Can-Am, Thunder’s Arena & more

Already Scheduled for action:
Braden Charron
Braden-Charron-18Aryx Quinn/Tristan Baldwin


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Limited viewing available for this event.

On-Sale Now! VIP Experience (Limit 10)

VIP Experience includes a Meet-and-Greet prior to the event with all the superstars.

To purchase, inquire at

Ticket sales for the Wrestle-Fest Live Action Event are picking up and are expected to sell out in the next few days. There are a limited number of General Admission tickets still available, as well. Please contact me to reserve your ticket.

Come see how we “heat things up” in the Northeast.

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Muscle Beach

Posted: September 15, 2013 in Schedule
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Took advantage of some nice weather earlier this month. Definitely some interesting stuff filmed on the beach, which definitely drew some attention from fellow beach-goers.

Be on the lookout for them.

Also, have been in talks with Swimsuit Models Wrestling to re-release some footage. Will continue to keep everyone updated.

My most recent match for Spotland Scrappers with Sam Smiler.

I just returned from my second trip to England. It was an action-packed 7 days with barely enough time for sleep. I traveled to London, Manchester, Brighton, Bristol and, even, Matlock. I took on all challengers;  big and small.


On one of my last days I went to the Spotland Scrappers Christmas Party. I enjoyed seeing Young Ady and Sammy Scrapper, again. They are always smiling and having a great time. However, I’m getting pretty tired of referee Nigel. I don’t believe he calls things down the middle. Perhaps, he is a little bias towards his “hometown” team? I did get a little revenge on him during one of the bouts. That should keep him in line!

My first match of the evening was a challenge: 2 guys in masks who looked a bit familiar. It seems they are trying to stack the deck against the King of Speedo Wrestling. The special stipulation behind this match was the losing side would be forced to never return to the United Kingdom  (if I lost) or unmask themselves on camera (the opposing team).



I got in my licks against both masked men. Although, I feel like the referee did allow a lot of unfair double teaming and behind-the-back tactics from the duo.

I think we know how the match ended but, if not, I’ll let you know that I WILL be returning to England in February 2013.

I got the opportunity to tie both my opponents up in the corner and find out who they were. Just as I expected!

As always, a fun match with Spotland Scrappers and their fun, talented roster of wrestlers. I look forward to being there again in 2013. Maybe Young Ady will be ready for me this time?




The Speedo Wrestling King





On my last full day in England, I participated in the Spotland Scrappers Live Event in Manchester, England. The photos below are from 3 matches:
1) against Young Ady – British Pro Wrestling Rules (6 Round – 5 Minutes each – Best 2 out of 3)
2) Tag Team: with David on my team and Callum M. in our corner against Young Ady & Sammy Scrapper (2 Falls – 20 Minute Time Limit)
3) Battle Royal: David, Young Ady, Sammy Scrapper & Callum M.

Did you see how far Callum’s trunk go up his ass? Don’t mess with me, greenhorn! At one point it was 4 on 1. That’s right, they all came after me. It’s not easy being The Champ. I did survive the backdoor politics and WON the Battle Royal. U-S-A! U-S-A!

The final picture is from a late night train ride after a long day in London. I was worn out.