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Cameron and his hot friend

Digging through some older footage and found something you may enjoy. My friend (Nick Justice) and I were sitting around prior to a live pro event discussing what we had in store for… Continue reading

Blog Entry

Hope everyone has been well. I have a few calm moments so I thought it’d be the perfect time to fill everyone in on recent life. As you’ve noticed over the last few… Continue reading

Braden Charron & Ethan Andrews available

I’ve been making quiet moves over the last 2 weeks. This blog will be changing from just promoting myself to promoting numerous other video wrestling stars who are available for custom work and… Continue reading

Oil Wrestling

My most recent match for Spotland Scrappers with Sam Smiler.

Just an update

Hey everyone, I’m in the middle of a 3 week “tour”, which in reality will probably end up being a couple months long with a little bit of rest. I did a small… Continue reading

It’s my birthday!

It’s here: my birthday! Another year older, another year wiser? Sure. Thank you for all the birthday wishes and cards. I would also like to thank everyone for donating to Relay for Life.¬†Anyone… Continue reading


I know I have asked several of you to send me a “TESTIMONIAL” for this site. I finally have got around to reading and posting them. I know, I’m way behind. As I… Continue reading