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I’ve been making quiet moves over the last 2 weeks.

This blog will be changing from just promoting myself to promoting numerous other video wrestling stars who are available for custom work and Pro vs. Joe matches.

The first two stars are very well-traveled and will continue to rack up frequent flyer miles.

Both Ethan Andrews and Braden Charron are available for work immediately. Please contact for more information regarding those two big stars.




Wrestle-Fest tickets are moving fast and it is expected to sell out. This will be a non-filmed and non-photographed event, as the privacy of everyone attending is important. After the event, some wrestlers will be available for post-event activities.

My most recent match for Spotland Scrappers with Sam Smiler.

Hey everyone,

I’m in the middle of a 3 week “tour”, which in reality will probably end up being a couple months long with a little bit of rest.

I did a small East Coast tour on my way back south making a few stops along the way to whoop some ass and get my ass whooped.

Currently, I’m in my hotel in Los Angeles getting ready to head to the airport to catch a flight to Chicago. I even got to film 4 matches for Can-Am Wrestling in North Hollywood. Very fun matches, especially against a long-time favorite opponent, Jobe Zander.

I’ll enjoy a day off tomorrow before hitting the ground running. I plan on enjoying some sights in the Midwest. They have sights to see in the Midwest, right? I think I’m most excited for my stops in Louisville and St. Louis.

I was in Louisville in the late summer of 2010 and thought it was a beautiful place. I’m not sure I even saw the actual city of Louisville. I know I picked the wrong time of year to travel through the Midwest but I still have high hopes. As for St. Louis, I haven’t been through there since I was a pre-teen passing through. I’m almost positive that I won’t be disappointed with that stop.

Anyone have any tips of sights to see along my journey?

When I return back south at the end of the month, I’ll take a few days to enjoy the sun and workout before heading back north briefly. I’ll be stopping along the way in Atlanta, Charlotte, Washington, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia and the New York City area.

Rumors are floating around that I may be filming for the new NHB-Battle.

I’ll even make a stop in the Land of Jobbers: Boston before heading back across the Atlantic for a 3 week tour of Europe.

Hope you enjoyed the update. Looking forward to my travels and some adventures.

It’s here: my birthday! Another year older, another year wiser? Sure.


Thank you for all the birthday wishes and cards. I would also like to thank everyone for donating to Relay for Life. Anyone else who wishes to donate please check out the link on my Facebook page with the information.


In just a few days I will be returning to England. Keep an eye out, as you will be seeing me in some upcoming videos for some British-based wrestling companies. As well, I will be competing professionally while across the Atlantic.

I know I have asked several of you to send me a “TESTIMONIAL” for this site. I finally have got around to reading and posting them. I know, I’m way behind.

As I was reading, and in some cases editing, I realized that I have had the opportunity to meet some great people. I just wanted to say Thank You you all for the support over the years.

The Speedo Wrestling King