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I recently visited Can-Am Boss, Ron Sexton, in his Southern California offices.

The meetings were highly successful, knowledgeable, fun and friendly. Although, do I did come out with a dilemma: my business partner had our videos edited and encoded in a lower quality than Can-Am is comfortable releasing. Therefore, I plan to sell them through this web site (blog).

6 Matches from Orlando: $100
Over 2 hours in an actual pro wrestling ring.

1) J-Diesel (6’5″, 300+ pounds) versus Cameron – 20 minutes
-Cameron (in black) takes on rookie bully, J-Diesel (in an American flag singlet). Lots of slams and backbreakers. Bearhugs, racks, lifts and chokes. I get my licks in, but J-Diesel single-handedly (literally) destroys me.

2) Lee versus Cameron – 26 minutes
-This may be one of the funniest ways I’ve started a film. Lee is a masked man who interrupts my time of peace; sitting on the toilet. So, obviously I have to send him a message. Full-nelsons, bodyscissors and claw holds. I even deliver a one-of-a-kind one-handed piledriver variation. I attempt several times to reveal Lee’s true identity. The beatings continue and I put on a wrestling clinic featuring holds from another world. Bent, beaten, tied up like a pretzel and nearly broken. One of my most dominant matches as a heel!


3) Z-Man versus Braden Charron – 22 minutes
-Both men are in phenomenal shape for this match, which starts out with some smile-filled trash talking. Some muscle action, including some macho arm wrestling and a post-off. Low blows, gut shots and cheap shots fill this feature match. Back-and-forth low blow exchanges (from willing opponents; even putting their hands behind their backs) ends this bashing battle.






4) Z-Man versus Lee – 21 minutes
-I don’t know if you’d call it confidence or cockiness, but this is definitely one of Z-Man’s finest showings. Z-man tortures an already destroyed Lee. Zack could almost pass as a pro in this match-up. Although, he does get trapped by the deceivingly strong masked man, Z-Man shows he has the experience…and desire to win this match.


5) Brendan Cage versus Z-Man – 21 minutes
Notorious for being “behind schedule,” Z-Man calls his coaching and sparring partner to inform him of his tardiness. Brendan is pissed by Z-Man’s poor attendance and laid back attitude. The shit-talk flows heavy in this intense back-and-forth destruction. The ending is brutal. Back-and-forth ball busting by willing counterparts. OUCH!

zmanbrenden6) J-Diesel versus Lee – 20 minutes
-The big bully is back to beat on poor resident jobber, Lee. J-Diesel bends, clubs and squeezes the masked jobber every which way he can…and enjoys doing so. I’d describe J-Diesel as the tough guy at the bar. A man’s man, for sure. Very dominant!



You can purchase this by e-mailing SUBJECT: Orlando DVD


This weekend I will be shooting custom videos with 3 of the hottest stars in Florida wrestling.

Layne Hartley, Austin Cooper & Big Sexy of Thunders Arena and Cyberfights.

A bunch of fun (and wild) scripts have been written for the four of us. One tag team partner turning on another. Three guys torturing one guy. And the beatings continue in other scenarios.

We will have enough time scheduled for 3 more matches to be filmed with these stars. As well, we have access to a few of Florida’s finest residents.

Interested in making a fantasy scenario into a reality?

I have received a few requests for customs while I’m in Florida in a week. I will have access to film with the following:

Layne Hartley
Austin Cooper
Big Sexy
Dominic (Thunders Arena)
Jonny Firestorm
Logan Vaughan
and a few other pro wrestlers

I will be filming May 8th & May 9th with the following:

Ethan Andrews
Flash Lacash
Jayden Maine
Braden Charron
Brad Barnes
Pro Wrestler Jeremy
Pro Wrestler Eddy
Pro Wrestler Dan

We will have a few moments to shoot additional custom matches.

Send your fantasy in now!

I have received numerous texts regarding my win for BG East Mat Battle of the Year (vs. Eli Black). Amongst those texts were potshots at my 2nd place finish for Best Butt.

So, I finally check out the results for the BG East Year in Review Fan Poll; not bad. Thank you for all your votes and nominations.

Congratulations to Jonny Firestorm on grabbing the “Top Heel” spot. He is very deserving of that title.

Next year, how about a nomination for “Best Abs” or “Best Body”? Or perhaps, I can finally become the “Babyface of the Year” and “Best Butt”.

I can dream, right?

A great night of action took place last night 12/7 just outside Boston.

We will be posting testimonials from those in attendance. As well, we will be working on another Wrestle-Fest for this Spring. Any ideas on WHERE and/or WHEN exactly this should happen?



Jonny Firestorm & Rico Rave squashed two jobbers in a wild match

Morgan Cruise bested Damien Rush in a very dramatic match-up

Ethan Andrews finished Braden Charron in a very eye-pleasing OIL match


I was unable to compete due to an infection. Brad Barnes and Aryx Quinn no-showed the event.

Live Action Event
Saturday, December 7th, 2013

Wakefield, Massachusetts, USA

ABOUT: Wrestling matches in a pro ring between models from various underground wrestling companies including BG East, Can-Am, Thunder’s Arena & more

Already Scheduled for action:
Braden Charron
Braden-Charron-18Aryx Quinn/Tristan Baldwin


Ethan Andrews63037_505768789486026_943394111_n

Limited viewing available for this event.

On-Sale Now! VIP Experience (Limit 10)

VIP Experience includes a Meet-and-Greet prior to the event with all the superstars.

To purchase, inquire at

Traveling with the Firestorm

Posted: October 13, 2013 in Schedule
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I will be traveling with Jonny Firestorm on my trip to New York City, November 23-24. Now tell me, who wouldn’t be looking forward to that? I know I am.