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During my first travels to Pembroke, Massachusetts to the BG East Arena, I took on several opponents in several different styles of matches. I never had a problem switching from the ring to the mat; the mat to the WrestleShack. I even wrestled in a gazebo.

Changing the setting kept it interesting and fun. Plus, I could always find new ways to use the new turf to explore new wrestling holds. Maybe even deliver the elbow off a couch like when I was a kid.

While doing some snooping through the BG East website I was surprised to see that I was the feature of the “Wrestler Spotlight” for that catalog. And I immediately thought: “Who am I wrestling?”

There were always matches that I wanted to watch but hadn’t had the opportunity to. I was excited when I saw match 1: versus Paul Hudson. My best friend and one of my best opponents. Paul was reluctant to come to BG East originally, but eventually they all come to the Dark Side.

Paul is always fun to wrestle: knows a lot of holds, entertaining and willing to bend the rules. Fellow BG East wrestlers Donnie Drake, Shannon Embry and Jonny Firestorm talk about this match often. The brutality of the forearm that Paul delivers to my nose is a favorite.

Paul's favorite leg lock at the time.

It almost is like a graph of the pain increases with these holds.

The next two matches listed I believe I had filmed on the same trip south of Boston.

Match 2 was against Jaxx O’Doul, who I had met on the pro wrestling scene and knew through a mutual friend. A fun pro-style match where I was the jobber.

Thinking back on the match, I feel it could be a traditional pro-style BG East match. Some nice wrestling holds. A few big slams. A knockout and a connection between the wrestlers. I was glad to have the chance to wrestle Jaxx.

Don’t worry I got a few shots of my own in before getting knocked out.

Mr. Joshua and I had become quick friends upon our meeting at BG East. Josh–excuse me, Mr. Joshua was in great shape, even claiming to have 7% bodyfat. Very impressive. He took me on a few gigs with him around New England. Very cool guy.

The match was set-up in the basement. On the mat, we would be battling in a rip-and-strip from our street clothes. Now I can’t claim to be a stylish dresser, but I do claim to be a talented wrestler.

However, with most my matches, I don’t ever get to be in control very much. I seem to always getting beat up, thrown around, tied up, pinned down and bent in all kinds of wacky ways. Anyway, Josh–sorry, Mr. Joshua was very adamant about being called that. I believe he had something he was trying to prove against the younger, much more talented opponent.

A very fun match with some very creative and fun situations. Definitely a great end to this DVD.

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