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A great night of action took place last night 12/7 just outside Boston.

We will be posting testimonials from those in attendance. As well, we will be working on another Wrestle-Fest for this Spring. Any ideas on WHERE and/or WHEN exactly this should happen?



Jonny Firestorm & Rico Rave squashed two jobbers in a wild match

Morgan Cruise bested Damien Rush in a very dramatic match-up

Ethan Andrews finished Braden Charron in a very eye-pleasing OIL match


I was unable to compete due to an infection. Brad Barnes and Aryx Quinn no-showed the event.

Live Action Event
Saturday, December 7th, 2013

Wakefield, Massachusetts, USA

ABOUT: Wrestling matches in a pro ring between models from various underground wrestling companies including BG East, Can-Am, Thunder’s Arena & more

Already Scheduled for action:
Braden Charron
Braden-Charron-18Aryx Quinn/Tristan Baldwin


Ethan Andrews63037_505768789486026_943394111_n

Limited viewing available for this event.

On-Sale Now! VIP Experience (Limit 10)

VIP Experience includes a Meet-and-Greet prior to the event with all the superstars.

To purchase, inquire at

Today, I am announcing the first match signed for Wrestle-Fest 2013.

BG East Superstar, Jonny Firestorm will take on World-Class Superstar, Aryx Quinn/Tristan Baldwin


Ticket sales for the Wrestle-Fest Live Action Event are picking up and are expected to sell out in the next few days. There are a limited number of General Admission tickets still available, as well. Please contact me to reserve your ticket.

Come see how we “heat things up” in the Northeast.

To purchase, inquire at

In the first weekend that I shot with BG East, I had filmed 6 matches. I was new to “this world” but Aryx Quinn had no problems showing me the ropes…so to speak.

Anyway, upon meeting Aryx I knew he had lots of experience in the BG East Arena and he looked like he had lots of experience in the weight room, as well. Aryx immediately put on the smallest pair of trunks I had ever seen and did so without batting an eyelash. He loved the attention. I was young, and I looked it. I barely could grow a moustache…and that would’ve taken many weeks.

When it came down to getting in the ring: Aryx was ready for that, too. He had an arsenal of holds and moves that he was ready to unleash. Where did he learn all these holds? I was surprised and in for a long beating.

Aryx knew all the shortcuts….and how to run his mouth. The guy never seemed to stop talking. When I think about it: perhaps, Aryx Quinn had rubbed off on me….but I hope not too much.

I enjoyed the match with Mr. Quinn very much and he showed me what I would be in for climbing the ranks of the BG East roster. The good and the bad. Anyone can get beat up, but eventually I’d be in Quinn’s boots dishing out the punishment. Along the way I’ve taking a lot of beatings but I’ve learned so much. In fact, the referee in this match was responsible for most of my submission mat game. It’s come quite a long way.

Maybe even too far along for the guys over at NHB-Battle?

If you haven’t seen this match, quickly go purchase it. If you have seen it, let me know what you thought.

Since this match I have wrestled with Aryx on a few more occasions. He’s always up for some wrestling and he’s always up for running his pie-hole.

I certainly wouldn’t mind taking him on again.

Didn’t even make it into the finalist of “Best Body 2012″

3rd Place as “Top Babyface”

Not ranked amongst “Best Abs”
oilI offer this image as proof of the need for an official re-count.

2013 may be the year that I become the “BEST HEEL”