Shuffling plans

Posted: August 23, 2014 in Schedule

Some plans have had to be changed and re-organized.

Currently, I will be in Chicago August 27th through August 8th with side trips to Indianapolis on Sept 2 then St. Louis Sept 3 & 4. No custom filming permitted on this trip.

Sept 9 & 10 – Boston

Planning a few shoots for October. Current confirmed dates: October 17th, 18th & 19th. Get your ideas, scenarios, suggestions & orders in. Finalized roster shortly.

I’d like to go to NYC and Montreal this fall. I’d like to do some custom shoots there with some local talent. Pro versus Joe, as well. Florida for the winter seems right, so let’s get something happening in FL, right?

Australia & NZ is coming together nicely. I’ll be finalizing that trip (Pro versus Joe sessions) and, possibly, return to pro action while down under. I have one or two connections to the pro scene there.

I’m eager to return to England and explore some more of Europe, but the trip has to be put on hold due to business ventures that’ll keep me centralized. I don’t wish to visit Europe during the cold winter, so I’m think the Spring should be better. I want it to be a great trip as I don’t know how much longer I’ll be doing sessions.

Thanks for the continued support.

Blog Feed

Posted: August 14, 2014 in Schedule

Seems that I am a little outdated on my RSS feed. What are some good underground wrestling blogs out there, right now?

I’m way behind…as always.

I’m ready!

Posted: August 13, 2014 in Schedule

In the next few weeks I plan to attack my e-mail. I have a lot of unread mail that has been overwhelming. I’ll be meeting to discuss making the web site and business end run more efficiently. Will be finalizing a roster for private coaching sessions (Pro vs. Joe). Something that’ll make this easy for all of us.

I’m thinking of selling a few more videos through this site. Any thoughts? What would you like to see? Who would you like to see? What type of price range is fair? I’m all ears.

Updated my schedule through Mid-October. As always things change. However, my trip to Chicago will help me organize my European Vacation. Please get in those e-mails so we can arrange your beatings adequately. I’d like to take 3 days in London, 3 days in Manchester; 2-3 days in the other locations. A rolling stone gathers no moss, right?

Tragic news about Robin Williams. A truly talented performer. Hope everyone is staying positive even in the darkest of times.

The King

Final ride on the schedule.

*Boston & NYC areas are frequent travel locales

If you contact me, please indicate where you are located to help me respond faster. Now, let’s get rolling!


August 27th – September 8th:
-St. Louis, Cincinnati & Detroit are all potential travel spots during my Chicago stay.



Mid-September: Montreal (Canada)
SUBJECT LINE: “Montreal”


End of September through Mid-October:
-Manchester *Customs (England-based models/wrestlers)*

-Amsterdam (Holland)
-Geneva (Switzerland)
-Paris & Lyon (France)
-Cologne, Berlin & Munich (Germany)
-Venice, Pisa, Rome & Milan (Italy)

Available for Pro vs. Joe Sessions



December 29th – January 10th: Australia, New Zealand


Places that I’d like to plan trips to:
-Memphis & Nashville
-New Orleans (Fall/Winter 2014)
-Atlanta & Charlotte (Fall/Winter 2014)
-Miami, Orlando & Tampa (Fall/Winter 2014)

I recently visited Can-Am Boss, Ron Sexton, in his Southern California offices.

The meetings were highly successful, knowledgeable, fun and friendly. Although, do I did come out with a dilemma: my business partner had our videos edited and encoded in a lower quality than Can-Am is comfortable releasing. Therefore, I plan to sell them through this web site (blog).

6 Matches from Orlando: $100
Over 2 hours in an actual pro wrestling ring.

1) J-Diesel (6’5″, 300+ pounds) versus Cameron – 20 minutes
-Cameron (in black) takes on rookie bully, J-Diesel (in an American flag singlet). Lots of slams and backbreakers. Bearhugs, racks, lifts and chokes. I get my licks in, but J-Diesel single-handedly (literally) destroys me.

2) Lee versus Cameron – 26 minutes
-This may be one of the funniest ways I’ve started a film. Lee is a masked man who interrupts my time of peace; sitting on the toilet. So, obviously I have to send him a message. Full-nelsons, bodyscissors and claw holds. I even deliver a one-of-a-kind one-handed piledriver variation. I attempt several times to reveal Lee’s true identity. The beatings continue and I put on a wrestling clinic featuring holds from another world. Bent, beaten, tied up like a pretzel and nearly broken. One of my most dominant matches as a heel!


3) Z-Man versus Braden Charron – 22 minutes
-Both men are in phenomenal shape for this match, which starts out with some smile-filled trash talking. Some muscle action, including some macho arm wrestling and a post-off. Low blows, gut shots and cheap shots fill this feature match. Back-and-forth low blow exchanges (from willing opponents; even putting their hands behind their backs) ends this bashing battle.






4) Z-Man versus Lee – 21 minutes
-I don’t know if you’d call it confidence or cockiness, but this is definitely one of Z-Man’s finest showings. Z-man tortures an already destroyed Lee. Zack could almost pass as a pro in this match-up. Although, he does get trapped by the deceivingly strong masked man, Z-Man shows he has the experience…and desire to win this match.


5) Brendan Cage versus Z-Man – 21 minutes
Notorious for being “behind schedule,” Z-Man calls his coaching and sparring partner to inform him of his tardiness. Brendan is pissed by Z-Man’s poor attendance and laid back attitude. The shit-talk flows heavy in this intense back-and-forth destruction. The ending is brutal. Back-and-forth ball busting by willing counterparts. OUCH!

zmanbrenden6) J-Diesel versus Lee – 20 minutes
-The big bully is back to beat on poor resident jobber, Lee. J-Diesel bends, clubs and squeezes the masked jobber every which way he can…and enjoys doing so. I’d describe J-Diesel as the tough guy at the bar. A man’s man, for sure. Very dominant!



You can purchase this by e-mailing SUBJECT: Orlando DVD


Just got home…

Posted: August 4, 2014 in Schedule

Returned from a weekend trip to New York City. Had a blast with the folks that held up their arrangements.

Are people becoming more flake-y? Is it just a summer thing?

How is everyone liking the 6 matches from Orlando?


Posted: July 20, 2014 in Schedule

This business that I find myself in has become quite tiresome.

Between the flakes, the fakes and the thieves.

It seems I’m having quite a few flakes on this trip. No responses to phone calls, e-mails or text messages.

On top of that, I’ve been trying to hunt down $5k from my trips to Europe. It seems some people want to deceive for short-term gains.

I am very disappointed with the behavior and actions of some of the people that I associate with. The flakes are manageable. The fakes are just an additional chore. However, Shane Stevens is a thief. I worked for many weeks while in Europe, only to have Shane write a bad check (still waiting on that to be corrected) and stealing around $5k cash that I earned while there. He has deleted his facebook. He hasn’t returned an e-mail in over a month. The last one stating he was having issues with PayPal…and his bank…and blah blah blah. This has gone on for months. Actually, longer than months: over a year. He no longer responds to text messages.

I think I’m done this career.

Thank you.