I recently visited Can-Am Boss, Ron Sexton, in his Southern California offices.

The meetings were highly successful, knowledgeable, fun and friendly. Although, do I did come out with a dilemma: my business partner had our videos edited and encoded in a lower quality than Can-Am is comfortable releasing. Therefore, I plan to sell them through this web site (blog).

6 Matches from Orlando: $100
Over 2 hours in an actual pro wrestling ring.

1) J-Diesel (6’5″, 300+ pounds) versus Cameron – 20 minutes
-Cameron (in black) takes on rookie bully, J-Diesel (in an American flag singlet). Lots of slams and backbreakers. Bearhugs, racks, lifts and chokes. I get my licks in, but J-Diesel single-handedly (literally) destroys me.

2) Lee versus Cameron – 26 minutes
-This may be one of the funniest ways I’ve started a film. Lee is a masked man who interrupts my time of peace; sitting on the toilet. So, obviously I have to send him a message. Full-nelsons, bodyscissors and claw holds. I even deliver a one-of-a-kind one-handed piledriver variation. I attempt several times to reveal Lee’s true identity. The beatings continue and I put on a wrestling clinic featuring holds from another world. Bent, beaten, tied up like a pretzel and nearly broken. One of my most dominant matches as a heel!


3) Z-Man versus Braden Charron – 22 minutes
-Both men are in phenomenal shape for this match, which starts out with some smile-filled trash talking. Some muscle action, including some macho arm wrestling and a post-off. Low blows, gut shots and cheap shots fill this feature match. Back-and-forth low blow exchanges (from willing opponents; even putting their hands behind their backs) ends this bashing battle.






4) Z-Man versus Lee – 21 minutes
-I don’t know if you’d call it confidence or cockiness, but this is definitely one of Z-Man’s finest showings. Z-man tortures an already destroyed Lee. Zack could almost pass as a pro in this match-up. Although, he does get trapped by the deceivingly strong masked man, Z-Man shows he has the experience…and desire to win this match.


5) Brendan Cage versus Z-Man – 21 minutes
Notorious for being “behind schedule,” Z-Man calls his coaching and sparring partner to inform him of his tardiness. Brendan is pissed by Z-Man’s poor attendance and laid back attitude. The shit-talk flows heavy in this intense back-and-forth destruction. The ending is brutal. Back-and-forth ball busting by willing counterparts. OUCH!

zmanbrenden6) J-Diesel versus Lee – 20 minutes
-The big bully is back to beat on poor resident jobber, Lee. J-Diesel bends, clubs and squeezes the masked jobber every which way he can…and enjoys doing so. I’d describe J-Diesel as the tough guy at the bar. A man’s man, for sure. Very dominant!



You can purchase this by e-mailing cameronwrestler1@gmail.com SUBJECT: Orlando DVD



Posted: July 20, 2014 in Schedule

This business that I find myself in has become quite tiresome.

Between the flakes, the fakes and the thieves.

It seems I’m having quite a few flakes on this trip. No responses to phone calls, e-mails or text messages.

On top of that, I’ve been trying to hunt down $5k from my trips to Europe. It seems some people want to deceive for short-term gains.

I am very disappointed with the behavior and actions of some of the people that I associate with. The flakes are manageable. The fakes are just an additional chore. However, Shane Stevens is a thief. I worked for many weeks while in Europe, only to have Shane write a bad check (still waiting on that to be corrected) and stealing around $5k cash that I earned while there. He has deleted his facebook. He hasn’t returned an e-mail in over a month. The last one stating he was having issues with PayPal…and his bank…and blah blah blah. This has gone on for months. Actually, longer than months: over a year. He no longer responds to text messages.

I think I’m done this career.

Thank you.

Hollywood Lights

Posted: July 11, 2014 in Schedule

It’s official I’ll be in SoCal July 18th for a week. I’ll be very busy while there but would like to do a bit of Pro vs. Joe wrestling. Please e-mail me with the subject line “LOS ANGELES” if you are serious about meeting up. I do have access to a pro ring for rent while I am there.

Will be planning to do a shoot or two while I’m there as well. Any custom requests?

Final ride on the schedule.

*Boston & NYC areas are frequent travel locales

If you contact me, please indicate where you are located to help me respond faster. Now, let’s get rolling!


July 18th – July 23rd: Los Angeles (Contact Immediately0
July 25th – July 28th: Austin & Dallas (Texas)

August: Boston
Mid-August: Montreal, Upstate New York & Toronto

September: London, UK & Manchester, UK BOOK WITH cameronwrestler1@Gmail.com
Available for Pro vs. Joe Sessions
Customs (England-based models/wrestlers)

September: Amsterdam, Holland BOOK WITH cameronwrestler1@Gmail.com
September: Germany BOOK WITH cameronwrestler1@Gmail.com
September: Switzerland BOOK WITH cameronwrestler1@Gmail.com
September: France BOOK WITH cameronwrestler1@Gmail.com
September: Italy BOOK WITH cameronwrestler1@Gmail.com

November: Philadelphia, Baltimore & DC
Available for Pro vs. Joe & Coaching Sessions
Superhero & Mat-themed customs and photo shoots

December 29th – January 10th: Australia, New Zealand


Places that I’d like to plan trips to:
-Memphis & Nashville

Busy as a beaver

Posted: June 30, 2014 in Schedule

…I have a few moments before grabbing some shut eye to update you on my life.

The midwest shoots went great. Grabbed a lot of solid footage in just 2 days. Over 30 matches!

Did a small shoot a few days ago in Rhode Island with 8 more matches.

Planning to do shoots in SoCal, Florida, Montreal & NYC areas. Custom shoots with be available.

I still must answer hundreds of e-mails. I am sorry for slacking off. Anyone want to be my secretary?

I’ve updated my schedule.

That should cover most of it. 

Anyone watching the World Cup?

Heading to the Midwest

Posted: June 10, 2014 in Schedule

Wow, have I been busy lately! Haven’t had much time for Pro vs. Joe action but have definitely been seeing a lot of ass-kicking on some great videos. I will have a few moments this weekend in Chicago to do some Pro vs. Joe sessions. If interested, send me an e-mail with the subject “CHICAGO.”

While I’m there, we will be working on two shoots and a live event. Looking like a jammed-packed three days of sweaty wrestling matches.The custom shoot is all booked up and ready to go! I have already begun planning another one for mid-July. Who should I use? What scenarios?

I’m heading off on my road trip to the Windy City!

No rest for the wicked

Posted: May 21, 2014 in Schedule

After an adventurous weekend traveling to and from Orlando, FL for a day of custom filming, I finally get to sit and relax…

…except I’m in front of a computer doing some editing. 

Looking forward to seeing the end result of these matches…and getting some rest.

Hope everyone is having a great week.