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Total Runtime: 32 minutes

Lane Hartley (6’1″, 220 lbs)
Austin Cooper (5’10”, 190 lbs)

Austin is in the ring preparing for his upcoming match. He knows he’s in for a rough one since he’s taking on the most dominant brute of the year: Lane Hartley.

Lane is smooth and cocksure. Austin is no slouch. He’s built for the part, but more importantly, he’s been working on skill set. Austin is an accomplished amateur wrestler. Lane is a much accomplished pro wrestler.


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I’ve been given permission to release a video that I think you will all enjoy. I will start offering the video at $9.95, however, I will up the price over the course of a week when it’ll settle at it’s resting cost.

The story: 30 minutes
At an undisclosed location owned by a collection of Vampire Overlords, souls of men are tortured and destroyed. On a quest to stop the vampires, the men have shown up in all kinds over the years.


Today, one man has been captured, chained up and left to be enjoyed by one of the Kings.

Ethan has found his own version of “dinner and a movie,” except he does things backwards. The entertainment happens before the meal. As Ethan releases his dinner from its restraints, he takes a few opportunities to soften his victim.

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Barry Burke (6’1″, 260 lbs) versus Caleb Brand (6’0″, 215 lbs)
28 minutes

The trash talking begins right from the start between Danny (Caleb Brand) and Brian (Barry Burke). Bad blood has spilled over after Danny is forced to lose the night before at a small indy wrestling event in New England. Brian wanted to outshine Danny and Danny doesn’t like how it tastes.


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Cameron versus Lee – 25 minutes

-This may be one of the funniest ways I’ve started a film. Lee is a masked man who interrupts my time of peace; sitting on the toilet. So, obviously I have to send him a message. Full-nelsons, bodyscissors and claw holds. I even deliver a one-of-a-kind one-handed piledriver variation. I attempt several times to reveal Lee’s true identity. The beatings continue and I put on a wrestling clinic featuring holds from another world. Bent, beaten, tied up like a pretzel and nearly broken. Slammed, stretched and smashed. One of my most dominant matches as a heel!

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In addition to the already loaded line-up for our mid-November shoot, I have added my first mentor: Lon Dumont.



Lon doesn’t plan to show up alone, either. He is already talking about grabbing some buddies for the action.

Line-up includes:
Barry Burke (BG East, Can-am)
Zori Leone (BG East, Can-Am)
Rolf Fulton/Sirus (BG East/Thunders Arena)
Ethan Axel Andrews (BG East, Can-Am, UCW-Underground, Rock Hard Wrestling)


Z-Man rolls around with Lee

Posted: September 25, 2014 in Video For Sale

Z-Man versus Lee – 21 minutes
-I don’t know if you’d call it confidence or cockiness, but this is definitely one of Z-Man’s finest showings. Z-man tortures an already destroyed Lee. Zack could almost pass as a pro in this match-up. Although, he does get trapped by the deceivingly strong masked man, Z-Man shows he has the experience…and desire to win this match.
zman_lee zman_lee2







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Z-Man versus Braden
Runtime: 22 minutes

These two specimens show up in peak physical condition. Bro-style trash talking and an ABS-olutely breath-taking pose off get the ball moving in this video. Both men are in phenomenal shape. Finally down to business. The two bodybuilders lay down for some manly arm wrestling. Low blows, gut shots and cheap shots fill this feature match. Back-and-forth low blow exchanges (from willing opponents; even putting their hands behind their backs) ends this bashing battle.











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Z-Man versus Brenden Cage
Runtime: 21 minutes

Notorious for being “behind schedule,” Z-Man calls his coaching and sparring partner to inform him of his tardiness. Brendan is pissed by Z-Man’s poor attendance and laid back attitude. The shit-talk flows heavy in this intense back-and-forth destruction. The ending is brutal. Back-and-forth ball busting by willing counterparts. OUCH!







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